Monday, July 26, 2004

DNC Notes -- Pregame show

When the Banshee participated in a Mock DNC at Washington and Lee University earlier this spring, I provided detailed coverage of the events.  It only stands to reason that I would provide equal coverage to the real convention.

The convention does not actually kick off until tonight, but there have already been some noteworthy events.

Media Prep:  How did non-partisan and impartial NBC News personalities get ready for the big event?  By going to the ballpark with Democratic lawmakers, of course.  Last night, Katie Couric, Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert joined John F. Kerry, Senator Glenn and Senator Biden (I'm pretty sure it was him) in a Red Sox owner's box at Fenway Park.  Interesting but not surprising.

The Fight for Peace:  Yesterday, approximately 2,000 anti-war protesters gathered at the site of the Boston Massacre.  Reportedly, the peace protesters carried signs that showed images of grisly carnage from the war in Iraq.  The protesters eventually started marching towards the Fleet Center.  At some point, they intersected with a group of pro-lifers who were also moving towards the convention site.  The pro-lifers carried signs showing graphic images of dismembered, aborted babies.  The two groups got into a verbal dispute followed by physical violence.  No serious injuries were reported.

Al-Jezeera Hidden:  Al-Jazeera has rented a skybox in the Fleet Center to facilitate their coverage of the DNC.  Like the rest of the media-occupied skyboxes, Al-Jazeera's box had an Al-Jazeera banner hanging from the front.  However, that banner has mysteriously been removed and replaced with a Kerry banner.  "It disappeared for some reason," Hafiz al-Mirazi told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.  "Every time we ask, we get different answers."  Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Terry McAuliffe, has reportedly told all Democrats to avoid interviews with Al-Jazeera.  Al-Jazeera also has plans to cover the RNC in New York City.  No word yet on the RNC's response to their presence.