Saturday, July 03, 2004

Political conventions

The Democratic National Convention begins in 23 days. Yet, according to their own website, the Dems have not figured out their speaker lineup yet. In fact, there is legitimate reason to speculate that John F. Kerry might not even make an appearance. This is due to the police strike in the host city of Boston. Kerry skipped out on the recent mayor's convention last week because he refused to cross police picket lines. To the best of my knowledge, Kerry has not solidly stated that he will cross the picket lines to accept the Democratic nomination if the strike continues. One thing you can be sure of, though, is that there will be plenty of Big Ted Kennedy when the Dems descend on his hometown of Boston.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have wasted no time in solidifying their speaker line-up. The Republican National Convention will not begin until August 30th, after the Olympics, but the RNC announced their slated speakers on Monday. The lineup includes Kerry's dream Veep Sen. McCain, the Governator Arnold Schwartzenegger, Rudy Giuliani and Democratic Sentator Zell Miller. Oh, and President Bush will definitely be there to accept the nomination. The only way that I could see this convention being any better would be if Tim McGraw, Tony Kornheiser and Smarty Jones were added to the speaker lineup.

Just for comparison's sake, here is the link to the DNC Blog. They clearly have better graphics and undoubtedly have more traffic. But, I gotta say that the content is far more entertaining here on the Banshee Blog.