Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Welcome home, Banshee Mobile!

After a near-death experience followed by some vandalism, the Banshee Mobile returned home from the car hospital this afternoon. Gretchen Wilson welcomed the Banshee Mobile back to the highways, followed quickly by Toby Keith at mirror rattling volume. No offense to the white Kia that served me well for the past month, but it's oh-so-good to have the black Camry parked outside the apartment. After all, black is just a way better color for the Wild Banshee.

So, at the end of this ordeal, I need to give a couple of shout-outs. First shout-out goes to State Farm Insurance, both in OH and in VA. State Farm took super good care of me the whole way through. Second shout-out goes to my peeps at Perfection Auto Body. Their work was slow and steady. But, the car looks absolutely beautiful now. Plus, they picked up my deductible on the vandalism damage without me saying a word about the incident.

Welcome home, Banshee Mobile.