Monday, July 12, 2004

Ken keeps rolling

Ken Jennings extended his Jeopardy winning streak to 29 games with yet another dominant performance tonight. Ken correctly answered all of the first 10 and 14 of the first 15 questions of the night. Ken could have easily broken the all-time single-day record for Jeopardy winnings, but he decided instead to only tie his own record (a record he shares with someone else). All through this streak, Ken has proved his versatility. Since I last checked in on this topic, Ken sucessfully answered 4 out of 5 questions in an alcoholic beverages category beverages category despite the fact that he is a Mormon living in Utah. During his streak, he has also answered a Washington and Lee University question and a Joe Paterno question.

Tomorrow, Ken has the chance to notch a 30th straight win and break the $1 million dollar winnings mark.