Friday, July 23, 2004

Excellent Movie: To End All Wars

Once in a while, there is a movie out there that is not well-positioned to be a huge box office success but is nonetheless an excellent work that is worthy of praise.  To End All Wars is one such movie.  To End All Wars is based on a true story written by one of the main characters.  It chronicles the ordeals and tortures endured by Scottish prisoners of war being held by the Japanese during World War II.  I had a vague idea what the film was about when I rented it, but I had no idea how gripping and powerful it would be.  The film is not at all preachy, but it tells the Gospel story more clearly than any film I've ever seen outside of Sunday school.  To see this story played out in the real lives of real people was absolutely stunning.  When the film ended, I was left speechless, and when I woke up the next day, it was the first thing that I thought about.

Although I highly recommend To End All Wars, I do want to add a word of warning.  This film is not exactly what you would call fun.  It is an emotionally draining experience.  In addition, there is some very brutal violence in the film.  The violence is not at all glorified, quite the opposite.  But, the images are harsh.

Viewing To End All Wars is an absolutely worthwhile use of time, and I highly recommend it.  However, it may be too much for a sensitive viewer.  To End All Wars should be available in the new releases section of your local video store.