Sunday, July 11, 2004

Programming Note

VH-1 will debut I Love the 90's on Monday night at 9 o'clock. I know that the 90's were a big decade for many Banshee Blog readers. I personally can't wait to hear Moe Rocca break down the lyrical genius of "Ice, Ice, Baby." Stop, collaborate and listen .... VH-1 will show back-to-back episodes from 9 till 11 every night this week.

Also in that general time slot is John McEnroe's new primetime talk show which debuted last Wednesday. Johnny Mac's show airs on CNBC at 10 p.m. I knew Jonny Mac's show started last week on one of the NBC family of stations, but I didn't actually get to see it last week. Like most people, I had no idea what channel CNBC was actually shown on and ended up getting bogged down in something like Baseball Tonight or Behind the Music: Guns and Roses. So, I don't have a review of Johnny Mac's show. However, I will say that the Guns and Roses episode of Behind the Music is the best one I've ever seen.