Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A Heartbeat Away

Today John Kerry chose his running mate for the November election. And the veep nominee is ... (drum roll, please) ... Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.

I have a variety of thoughts on this issue, and they are not altogether connected with each other.

#1 John Kerry's choice of Edwards is perhaps the best example to date of why Kerry does not have the leadership skills necessary to be President of the United States. This selection is entirely poll-driven and demonstrates an absolute disregard for the well-being and safety of our nation. The Vice President really only has one job in our government. That job is to be ready to assume the role of Commander in Chief if something tragic were to happen to the President. It is for this reason that Kerry's choice of Edwards is absolutely reckless. Edwards, though charasmatic and good-looking, is woefully underqualified to assume the roll of President. John Edwards has really never led anything. Not even a real business. He built his wealth as a trial attorney and has served one term in the United States Senate. One term. Edwards has not been responsible for a single, major legislative effort in his six years in the Senate and chose not to run again for his seat -- largely because he was not expected to win. And now, if Democrats get their wish, Edwards will be just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

#2 For better or for worse, this is possibly the most liberal ticket that has ever run for the top offices of our country. It's been well-documented that National Journal rated John Kerry as the most liberal senator in all the United States Senate. Sen. Edwards is #4 on that list. There is a strong argument to be made that a Hillary/Kennedy ticket would be more conservative than Kerry/Edwards. At least voters will have a clear idealogical choice this November. There is no middle of the road coming from either side.

#3 It's no secret that John Kerry's first choice for veep was Republican Senator John McCain. When that pipe dream was destroyed, Kerry then turned to the ultra-liberal John Edwards. What gives? How can anyone respect a man whose first choice for a Democratic running mate was not only a Republican but a Republican who is actively campaigning for George Bush? I guess that in John Kerry's world, if you can't have a Republican a heartbeat away from the presidency then you might as well have his polar opposite. This about-face makes it obvious that Kerry is not considering the good of the nation in his veep calculations. He is only considering a maximum boost in the polls. But, back to the fact that McCain is campaigning for Bush. I have to question the mental stability of a man who actually entertained the idea that he could convince a man who is obviously dedicated to the re-election of President Bush to join the opposing team?