Friday, July 23, 2004

Thank you, Ken

Tonight was the season finale of Jeopardy.  Not surprisingly, Ken Jennings won again.  What is surprising is that Ken finally acted like a man and broke the all-time, single-day winnings record.  Prior to tonight, Ken had tied it three times by just betting some small amount in Final Jeopardy despite his enormous leads.  I was personally having a hard time dealing with Ken's tie mentality, and I was beginning to detest Ken because of his unwillingness to blow away the old record.  After all, to quote Jimmy Neutron, "What is the point of being smart if you can't be the best?"  But, kudos to Ken for betting over $23,000 in Final Jeopardy to come away with $75,000 for the night.

Ken will be returning next season as the reigning champ.  The shows will tape in August.