Thursday, September 16, 2004

Christians and Voting

These thoughts were sent to Wild Banshee by Tina Russell-Wood.

Tina heard a commentator on the radio speaking about the importance of Christians and voting. The man said that he has heard a lot of Christians saying that they don't vote because they feel like they are merely choosing the lesser of two evils. The man's response to those who have tried to use this line with him is that one of the responsibilities of being a Christian is to try to combat evil in this world and reduce the amount of evil found here. So by choosing the lesser of two evils reduces the amount of evil. Therefore, is a Christian's responsibility to vote.

I found this to be an interesting train of thought. But, I'm gonna go on the record as saying that I do not think that we have merely a choice between two evils this November. I firmly believe that George W. Bush is a force for good in this world.