Saturday, September 18, 2004

Country Music Without Prejudice

Big and Rich, country music's newest superstars, describe their brand of music as "country music without prejudice." I recently purchased their debut album, Horse of Different Color, and I would have to agree with that description. This album is totally unique. One part BNL. One part Simon and Garfunkel. Two parts Bob Wills. And just a pinch of Nelly. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it is outstanding.

Big Kenny and John Rich have been writing songs together for years. They also helped with a few of the songs on Gretchen Wilson's new smash album. Horse of a Different Color is their first project as a duo, and they wrote all 13 tracks on this cd. Big and Rich immediately made a splash on the country scene with their hit single, "Save a Horse." Soon the album reached platinum status. I suppose that most people bought the record because of this single. I actually bought the cd because I saw them live last week when they opened for Tim McGraw on the "Out Loud" tour and thought they were just tremendous. Although I can't absolutely vouch for the morality of all of the content, the lyrics are interesting and highly entertaining. The harmony is also unusual and interesting.

Big and Rich provide a clip to almost every track at the Amazon site that I linked above. If you have any kind of decent speakers on your computer, take a listen.