Monday, September 20, 2004

Football fashion

Football formal wear. Over the past couple of years, there has been a disturbing trend towards football teams wearing monochromatic dark uniforms. In other words, dark pants and dark jerseys. Since the very beginning, I have been strongly opposed to this football fashion statement. The Dolphins and the Broncos were the most horriffic offenders of this last year.

But, there is an exception to every rule. Last night, the Bengals wore all black. I guess it was the football equivalent of formal wear. I gotta say it was a good look. The pretty unis helped the Bengals eek out an ugly win in Miami.

Old school is new again. All around the NFL, there is a return to black shoes. I'm a big fan of this. Supposedly, black shoes make you look slower. In college, this does seem to be the case. Almost no SEC team wears black shoes while most of the Big Ten wears black. But, the Atlanta Falcons wear black shoes, and Mike Vick certainly hasn't looked slow at all in the first two weeks. Of course, he probably wouldn't even look slow with cinder blocks for shoes.

The Eagles and the Colts have also gone to a bit of a throwback look. The shoes are really the only alteration for the Eagles. They're now wearing black, too. The Colts took things a bit farther. They not only donned the black shoes, but they stripped the paint off their facemasks. I think it's a good look for them.