Friday, September 03, 2004

RNC: Day 4

The Republican convention culminated last night with President George W. Bush's acceptance speech. As expected, Bush will run again as the Republican nominee for President.

Bush's speech got off to sort of a slow start. Much of the beginning played like a State of the Union address. It was filled with domestic policy topics. There weren't any specific proposals, but Bush did mention the importance of protecting the unborn. Then the speech turned to September 11 and the War on Terror. It was then that President Bush began to shine. The most touching part of the speech was when Bush talked about meeting the families of those who have given the last full measure for their coutnry. Bush teared up when he recalled how many times a widow or a mother who had just received a flag from her loved one's coffin told him that they were praying for him.

One thing was clear during the President's speech: This is not your father's George Bush. Unlike Bush 41, George W. loves the the campaign. He has a fire in his eyes when he talks about John Kerry and remaining race.