Friday, September 10, 2004

You're fired!

The Apprentice returned to NBC last night. The night started with 18 eager applicants and ended with the Donald's declaration, "You're fired!"

Like last year, the group was originally divided into a men's team and a women's team. Unlike last year, the competition began by sending one man to the women's team and one woman to the men's team. The switched person had to be the team leader for the first task. A tough position, no doubt. Pamela, a nine-foot tall blonde, volunteered to take over the men. Bradford volunteered to switch to the ladies' team. The ladies named themselves Apex. The men chose Mosaic. The Donald was not impressed with that name for the men's team.

Task one sent the teams to Mattel where they were required to design a new toy. After the teams designed their toy, Mattel created a prototype overnight. Then the toy was tested by a focus group of nine year-old boys. Apex, the women's team, won with their RC car/boat/tank. Bradford, the leader of the women, was granted immunity from firing next week.

In the meantime, Amazon Pamela took Mosaic to the Board Room. In the end, it was Rob who heard the cursed, "You're fired!" Rob was chosen because he was not assertive enough during the design process. If I was the Donald, I would have fired Pamela. She is too abrasive and will never become the Apprentice. Rob, on the other hand, had a chance to come around as the competition progressed.

On a side note, the women were not as trashy as they were at the start of last year's competition. But, the casting directors of the Apprentice seem to have a fondness for crazy black women. Last year it was Omorrosa. This year it is Stacy J. that needs to watch out for the boys in the white coats.

The first episode will be rebroadcast on Saturday night.