Sunday, September 05, 2004


This week's NASCAR race took place at an unusual time of the day. The Pop Secret 500 began shortly after 7 pm EST. However, this race took place in California, so it was not a true night race. This time of day actually proved to be a bit of a problem as drivers battled with racing directly into the setting sun. When it was all over, Elliot Saddler was the winner. This win pretty much solidified Saddler's place in the Chase for the Championship. Ryan Newman, Kasey Kahne and Mark Martin all made substantial moves in the standings. These three drivers now hold the eighth through tenth positions in the standings. Jimmy Johnson reclaimed the top spot in the standings by passing his teammate Jeff Gordon. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. remained in third position despite getting tangled up in a mishap.

Next week is the final week of the "regular season." Only the top ten drivers in the standings after next week's Richmond night race will be able to continue their pursuit of the championship.