Thursday, February 19, 2004

Culture War Victims: America's Teens (Guest contribution by Jason Kline)

When it comes to gay marriage I tell you, its simple. We are talking about what is easily defined as cultural and traditional norms. When societies embrace what is called "alternative lifestyles" and makes them mainstream, they collapse.

The real slippery slope is evident on any form of media directed at teenagers: girls kissing each other, shows about gay men living lavish lifestyles, documentaries about how hard it is to be gay in America...

Its no wonder when I asked a class of 27 high school juniors "what is your thought on this issue?" not one remarked that they thought gay marriage to be wrong. Only after I coaxed the kids who believed otherwise to express themsleves did one kid speak up...and barely. She was so embarassed that she found something wrong with it...I felt horrible for her.

The gay lifestyle is a revolutionary lifestyle. It is designed to be contrary to normal society. Once we make gay marriage legal (which is unstoppable without a constitutional amendment), we then open up the next step on their agenda...that all people experiment with their sexuality.

These are dangerous times. I am amazed with how fast this happened: I remember when I was in elementary school reading about how homosexual people wanted to be on TV but the networks did not allow it. That was in the mid 1980s.

I promise that my children will never be exposed to this garbage.