Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Online Quizzes

You just never know what topic might pop up next here at Banshee Blog. We cover all the days' important events, ranging from reality TV to baseball to gay marriage. Next up: Online quizzes.

I know that we have a variety of age groups that read this blog. So, the world of online quizzes may be novel to some of you and old hat to others. As I mentioned over the weekend, for those of us who attended college during the ethernet era (a phrase I coined and hope catches on), online quizzing was as intregal a part of our higher education as such other staples as Chem 101 or soft-serve ice cream in the cafeteria.

So, what's the basic idea? Well, someone with access to a computer writes a series of hypothetical questions and corresponding answers. For example:

Which article of clothing best decribes you?
a. faded jeans
b. warm and fuzzy jammies
c. smelly gym socks

Each of these answers is scored through some system. Then when you have answered all the questions, the quiz devines such things as "What Character from Greek Mythology Are You?" or "What Is Your Inner Rock Star?" Priceless info that no one between the ages of 15 and 25 can do without.

One of the most detailed quiz sites is Emode. Another quiz warehouse for more amateur quizzes is Quizilla. Wild Banshee has even entered the world of online quizzing. The What's Your Temperature? quiz was actually born in MAP South in 2001, but it made it's online debut last night. 70 random strangers actually took this quiz within the first 15 hours of posting. This quiz is just another testament to: If you post it, they will come.