Saturday, February 14, 2004

A sports update

MLB: For those of you out there who are Yankee haters, now is the time to scroll down to a different blog posting. With third baseman Aaron Boone out for the season with a knee injury and heir apparent, Drew Henson, switching his focus to football, there were those out there who smelled a Yankee demise. But to quote Lee Corso, "Not so fast, my friend." Newsday is reporting that none other than Alex Rodriguez may be playing the hot corner in the Bronx next season. Reportedly, there is a trade in the works that would send A-Rod to New York in exchange for Alfonso Soriano and a minor league pitcher. Jayson Stark at ESPN says that there are still issues to be worked out in this deal, but I am confident that the deal will happen. Unlike the perennial runners-up to the north, the Yankees will pay whatever it takes to get the deal done. If it goes through, this deal will create a hole for New York at second base. But I say that with the amount of offense the Yanks will bring to the plate in '04, they could maybe go without putting a fielder in that spot at all.

NASCAR: Just a reminder, tomorrow is the Great American Race. And no, I'm not talking about anything run in Indianapolis. I'm talking about the Daytona 500. Due to a win in the first of Thursday's Twin 125's and engine trouble for Greg Biffle, Dale Jr. and his Budweiser Chevrolet will be starting on the pole. Put this blogger down as predicting a flag to flag victory for Junior.