Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood

Recently, the Girls Scouts council has named Pam Smallwood, chief executive for Planned Parenthood of Waco, a "Woman of Distinction." In addition, Waco area Girl Scouts have helped sponsor Planned Parenthood's "Nobody's Fool" event, an event which is aimed at sexual education of minors. According to reports, part of the literature of this event portrays abortion as a thoroughly acceptable birth control practice.

All of this has prompted outrage from pro-life groups in the Waco area. And well it should. But, the outrage should not be restricted to just pro-life groups. Regardless of your moral stance on abortion, it is almost impossible to argue that abortion has actually turned out to be good for American women. And yet, the Girl Scouts, a group that is supposedly geared towards empowering American girls, have chosen to honor and align themselves with an organization that financially profits from the spread of something that has physically and psychologically damaged so many women.

Imagine if the Girl Scouts were aligning themselves in a similar way with the tobacco industry. Just imagine if the Girl Scouts decided to host a tobacco education day sponsored by Phillip Morris. And at that day, Phillip Morris execs discussed the history of tobacco use in our nation and some current forms of tobacco use. And in all the literature at the event, there would be pictures showing attractive, young adults smoking cigarettes and portraying smoking as a totally mainstream, adult activity. People would be outraged. Why? Because an industry that profits from a harmful product would be given access to an impressionable audience.

The Girl Scouts aligning themselves with Planned Parenthood is far worse than an alignment with big tobacco could ever be, and yet there has been very little attention paid to this unholy union.