Sunday, February 08, 2004

Kerry forging ahead

Yesterday, Kerry garnered two more victories. He won the Washington and Michigan caucuses. And, no one came within 19 points of him in either race. Interestingly enough, it was Howard Dean who came in second in both of these races. Unfortunately for Dean, second place in Washington is not particularly good news, considering the amount of time he spent in that state. Edwards was not expected to finish too well in either of Saturday's races. But, the North Carolina Senator needs to start doing well in the very near future if this is going to remain a race at all.

A look ahead .... Sunday is the Maine primary. On Tuesday, Virginia and Tennessee will hold their primaries. Early on, Edwards was looking to these states for key wins. But, Edwards is now talking more about strong second-place finishes rather than victories in these southern states. Not a good sign for the Edwards camp.