Friday, February 13, 2004

Too rash?

Perhaps I was a bit too rash in mentioning the Kerry's name with a possible adultery scandal. Despite the fact that Marvin Olasky pasted Matt Drudge's column onto the World Mag blog, to this point the rumor is fairly unsubstantiated. Last night Bill O'Reilly refused to discuss any "internet rumors" surrounding the Senator because he wants to raise the level of discourse surrounding this year's campaign. I applaud that sentiment. In his post this morning, Olasky, too, seemed to be having some misgivings about jumping so quickly onto the smear-Kerry-bandwagon. So, my apologies for being a rumor monger. But along with my apology, I would also like to remind everyone that Drudge rumors about an intern in the Oval Office did turn out to be true as true could be.