Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A Few More Thoughts on Gay Marriage

In response to statements made by Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, Marvin Olasky at the World Mag Blog recently posed the question about whether Iowans and Michiganders really do care about the gay marriage issue. Here are the comments that I posted at the World Mag Blog:

I am not from Iowa or Michigan, but I do have a comment to make on this issue. Those Democratic governors are probably right. Average Americans probably are not talking about gay marriage with their co-workers at the water cooler. But this does not mean that they are not thinking about gay marriage or that they do not care.

I believe people are not spending more time talking about it because they are embarassed. I believe that most people feel ill-equipped to participate in this debate in public because it requires a discussion of such topics as the Natural Law and the fundamental theories behind crafting a legal system. I think that most people have a gut feeling that this radical change sweeping through America is wrong and immoral. Yet, they feel unable to adequately articulate why they feel it is wrong and why their moral judgements should be codified into law. In addition, people are hesitant to offer their views on such topics because they ivolve such intregal aspects of their worldview that the pain of possible rejection is too scary to bear.

It is imperative that individuals who are blessed with the tools to formulate and articulate a godly position on this topic speak out so that others will be emboldened to follow their lead.