Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Kerry Wins ... Edwards Finishes Strong

As expected, Senator Kerry won Tuesday's Wisconsin primary. Perhaps less expected was John Edwards' strong showing. Senator Kerry garnered 40% of the vote, and Senator Edwards got 34% of the vote. But winning the nomination is about winning delegates. Tuesday's results gave Kerry 32 of Wisconsin's delegates and gave Edwards 26 delegates. This was a strong showing for Senator Edwards.

In contrast, Howard Dean had yet another very poor showing. Supposedly, that poor finish will prompt Dean to drop out of the race on Wednesday. The Dean departure should finally give Edwards exactly what he has been hoping for -- a two man race. There have been conflicting reports about whether Dr. Dean will officially throw his indorsement to any of the remaining candidates. Rumor has it that Dean personally prefers Edwards but does not not wish to get involved in the Kerry-Edwards race.