Friday, June 18, 2004

Clear choice this November

I know that I'm primarily preaching to the choir here, but I just want to send out a reminder to everyone that our nation's future may literally hang in the balance this November.

This became even more clear to me today when I heard a sound bite of John Kerry acting as if there was some mysterious motive for our nation going to war in Iraq -- a war for which he voted. John Kerry has no clear vision for our nation's role in the world or the course we should take in the fight against those who work for our destruction. Instead, his entire foreign policy repertoire is built around unfounded innuendo and insinuation.

So, as you head to the polls this November, as yourselves if Al Qaeda and the like would hate the United States less if we elect John Kerry. The answer is clearly "no." Then ask yourself who you would rather have at the helm as America fights those who murder us. If you'd feel safer being led by the pacifist, Kerry-Chirac Alliance then, by all means, vote for the Massachusetts senator. If you believe that we should stay the course and have the courage to fight evil in our time, then George Bush is the clear choice.