Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 (or Who Would Terrorists Vote For?)

Okay, up until now, I haven't said much about Fahrenheit 9/11. That's partly because I don't believe in criticizing a movie you haven't seen. It's also because Michael Moore has the right to say anything he wants to say, and if people want to pay money to see the movie, then so be it. But, today, I just can't hold my tongue any longer.

Front Row Distributors, the distributors of Fahrenheit 9/11, are accepting the help of Hezbollah in marketing the film in the United Arab Emirates. Wow! This goes way beyond just opposing the sitting President. The is getting right in bed with the evil-doers -- the kind of people who cut the heads off Christians and Americans.

Concerning the decision, Front Row Managing Director Gianluca Chacra said, "We can't go against these organizations as they could strongly boycott the film in Lebanon and Syria." What? Goodness knows that you wouldn't want to risk losing a dime in terrorist-harboring nations.

This quote prompted Melanie Morgan, Vice Chair of Move America Forward, to respond, "Michael Moore dismisses Americans who are upset with his film and the impact it has in undermining support for the war against terrorism. At the same time, his distribution companies are concerned about offending the sensibilities of terrorists. That certainly gives rise to asking the question: Whose side are you on?"

Um, Melanie, I think that question has been answered. Fortunately for Moore and Front Row, we still live in a free society where you can publish lies about the government and make a profit from them. My guess is that the same right doesn't exist in an extremist Muslim dictatorship.

And one other thing .... Fahrenheit 9/11 television ads are still running with the claim, "This film is not yet rated." It opens nationwide in two days. It has been rated. The rating is "R." I suppose Front Row just didn't have the cash to replace the ads once the rating came out. Maybe they ought to give their pals in Hezbollah a call.