Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Today Sean Hannity invited seventeen prospective Barnard College students into his studio during his live radio program. Barnard College is an elite, all-women's school in New York City. Not surprisingly, all seventeen students were self-declared liberals and Democrats. In an attempt to "Hannitize" them, Sean put them through a series of logic exercises on matters of public policy. Not surprisingly, the professional broadcaster was able to confuse and dismantle the simplistic arguments of these children. Not really an impressive accomplishment.

However, the part of the discussion on the topic of abortion was very enlightening.

One self-assured seventeen year-old girl stepped to the mike and staunchly declared herself "pro choice." Sean asked her if a mother should be able to end her pregnancy after nine months. The girl replied that a mother should not be able to do this because that would be killing another life. The girl stated that it is for this reason that it is illegal for a mother to end her pregnancy any time after three months. Sean then asked her if it's okay to end a pregnancy after just 90 days. The girl replied that it would be okay to do that because it would not be a separate life at that point. The girl further answered that it would illegal to end a pregnancy at 91 days because "something changes" in that 24-hour period to make the fetus its own living thing. Then came the real kicker. Sean asked what's the big deal about that one day. The girl replied by asking her own question: Why not just allow mothers to kill babies after they are born then?

You know, I couldn't have said it better myself. If we're gonna allow mothers to kill viable lives then why limit that right to the unborn? Answer: No logical reason. None.

But back to this poor, misguided seventeen year-old. If this girl is going to Barnard, she obviously has some intelligence. Yet, she is incredibly ignorant in her strong pro-abortion stance. She would no doubt have a visceral reaction to a politician who tried to "limit a woman's right to choose," but she had no idea what that "right" currently includes. This poor child actually believed that it was illegal to kill a baby after 90 days of pregnancy.

This got me thinking: How many Americans are out there who say they support a woman's right to choose and are naively under the same misapprehension that viable babies have the right to live? Based on this interview, I would guess quite a few.

This is the reason that photographs of mangled babies in trash cans are a perfectly legitimate and important part of the public discussion on this topic. Americans must not be allowed to forget exactly what "a woman's right to choose" actually means.