Friday, June 18, 2004

Clinton equates himself to the Berlin Wall

While promoting the upcoming release of his book, My Life, Bill Clinton compared himself to the Berlin Wall. Clinton said:

Mr. Starr and his operation, Mr. Ewing, they were not just independent renegades. They were the instruments of a grand design. When the Berlin Wall fell, the perpetual right in America, which always needs an enemy, didn't have an enemy anymore. So I had to serve as the next best thing.

What is he talking about? Is he saying that Republicans should not have attacked the Berlin Wall or is he saying that he is somehow the moral equivalent of the Communist Bloc? And where do the interns fit into this analogy? I suppose they would be the equivalent of the captive East Berliners -- there for their master's pleasure.

I didn't come up with this analogy, friends. These are Clinton's own words.